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Ohio Governor Kasich stops in the valley

Updated: Tuesday, July 29 2014, 06:33 PM EDT
JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ohio -- Ohio Governor John R. Kasich and Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor were in the Ohio Valley on Tuesday to receive the Ohio Restaurant Association endorsement at Triple Play Cafe in Steubenville.
It was actually a surprise to the people who run the restaurant, but they were delighted to host the very brief event. It’s an endorsement that Kasich is hoping will help him win his bid for re-election as he squares off against democrat Ed Fitzgerald.
The governor talked about the Ohio valley - and a variety of topics. Even though his message did seem to resonate with those in attendance, many were just excited to see him here in Steubenville again.
"It was a tremendous honor,” Albert Macre, president of Triple Play Café said. “We were kind of blindsided by this a few weeks ago. We’ve had the governor here before. We really appreciate what he has done for the state. To have him back on the day he receives an endorsement from our trade organization - Ohio Restaurant Association - I can't even explain how great it feels."
"When the restaurant people across Ohio say you've done a good job, that feels good,” Kasich said. “We've grown 260,000 plus jobs in the state, up from 350,000 private sector jobs lost. So we have stability. We don’t run in the hole anymore, we have balanced budgets, we run surpluses, we’ve cut taxes. So this is nothing more than affirmation – sort of a temperature check -- that things are better for us as well."
Tune into NEWS9 tonight, as we’ll have more on the Governor’s visit. He stopped by the newsroom for a sit-down with Ryan Eldredge.

Ohio Governor Kasich stops in the valley

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