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Patrolman deemed hero for saving 87-year-old man’s life

Updated: Wednesday, July 23 2014, 06:44 PM EDT


A New Martinsville patrolman is being deemed a hero after his quick actions saved the life of a Harrison County man.

According to police, the 87-year-old man had got confused and lost when fumes entered his vehicle.

Patrolman Jason Utt said the car's radiator malfunctioned and dangerous smoke was entering the car.

Utt said the car was parked on Route 2 in New Martinsville, in front of the Bob Evans, with other drivers, at a standstill, trying to help the man, who was locked in his car.

Utt took out his baton and broke the window, unlocked the door, pulled the man to safety and waited until paramedics arrived.

"Other drivers were helping as well -- directing traffic and caring for the man," said Utt.

Utt said the man's family had reported him missing that morning.

People in town are calling Utt a hero, but the patrolman said it's just part of his job.

"Your police training kicks in and you don't really think about much else, but the person's health and well-being," said Utt.

The man is in the Wetzel County Hospital and police say he appears to be doing better.

Patrolman deemed hero for saving 87-year-old man’s life

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