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One arrested in Harrison County meth lab bust

Updated: Thursday, July 10 2014, 10:48 AM EDT

HARRISON COUNTY, Ohio -- A warrant was executed, an arrest was made, and all the tools used to make meth were found Wednesday night in a Harrison County home.

Two different meth labs were found in one basement.

The Harrison County Sheriff's Office gave a lot of the credit of getting to the bottom of this meth lab to a system called NPLEX,  which is a great system for law enforcement to use, they're able to track and  see who is buying Pseudoephedrine across the state as well as any other state.

"This is a great tool for law enforcement for us doing this it's the same system that the pharmacies use and we're able to see when there is a blog and how much product is being bought," Harrison County Sheriff Ron Myers said.

And once that happens, they can start the investigation process.

This meth lab bust Wednesday night all stemmed after another recent purchase at a local pharmacy. The Sheriff's Office issued a warrant and came to arrest Randall Moon who lives on East College Street in Scio.

"Tonight we were very fortunate we were able to come down here and talk to this gentleman and he said, 'I have a problem and need help,' so with that being said, that is one thing and admitting that you have a problem," Myers said.

Myers said he does give Moon credit--he served a couple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, but that still isn't an excuse.

Myers said this is extremely dangerous no matter who is around, and Moon lives here with his wife and three kids.

"It's a shake and bake operation and he has led us to believe he has done it on the road and here it's very dangerous especially with his kids in the house," Myers said.

Myers said this is all an ongoing effort in cleaning up the drugs in Harrison County.

Moon will be charged with manufacturing methamphetamine, which is a felony two and should be appearing in court on Thursday, but Myers said the most important thing is that he is now in their custody and behind bars.

One arrested in Harrison County meth lab bust

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