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New county EMS plan presented

Updated: Tuesday, December 10 2013, 04:49 PM EST

By Rich Pierce 

Harrison County, OH 

December 10, 2013 

A subcommittee investigating ways to improve EMS services in Harrison County presented a one-year contract plan to the Harrison County commissioners earlier this month.

The purpose was to fill in gaps in coverage created by a lack of volunteers in the county.

The proposed plan involves volunteer services, Harrison Community Hospital services and private services from Smith Ambulance. The hospital will continue to be the main backup for the eastern part of the county, and Smith will back up the west.

The two entities will combine to fill the holes left by volunteer coverage. Besides the nuts and bolts of who will fill in when and where, President of county EMS Doug Crabtree said are working to recruit more volunteers.

“[We] currently have classes throughout the county set up for some first responders. We also have a class set up in the Bowerston area for basic EMTs and looking at pulling that plan together and getting some new recruits,” Crabtree said.

Harrison Community Hospital Vice President of Operations Kevin Milligan released a statement regarding the new plan:

“Harrison Community Hospital supports the Harrison County commissioners and the Harrison County Fireman’s Association in their actions to address Emergency Medical Response Coverage in the county.   We support and are encouraged by their desire to create a partnership with the hospital and others to provide emergency medical services to the citizens. We look forward to continued discussions with the county regarding ways to meet the needs of county residents.”

Crabtree said he would like to see all the sides meet to hash out the exact roles of each entity in the coming year later this week. 

New county EMS plan presented

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