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Commissioners approve lease agreement

Updated: Thursday, November 21 2013, 07:00 PM EST

By Jon Rudder

CADIZ, Ohio - Harrison County Commissioners approved a lease agreement with Mark-West Energy Partners that will be an economic boom for the county.

Commissioners tell NEWS9 the signing of this lease agreement means that Mark-West will pay $10,000 a month to the county to lease land for their natural gas condensate facility.

Not only will the agreement mean an influx of cash to the county, but some jobs will be created as well.

A look at the site and you can already see work on the land once occupied by the old Harrison County Airport.

"This facility is going to handle condensate and that way they can get the condensate from these wells hauled in there and export them using the rail system," Harrison County Commissioner Dale Norris said.

The location where the facility will be built is owned by the county. Minor details had to be ironed out before the lease was signed that included one local business moving across the street to accommodate the plant.

"For the first 15 years it's like a $3.2 million gain gain for Harrison County. They're going to provide somewhere between 20 and 30 jobs for the," Norris said.

A new roof for the county courthouse could be in the works with the money brought in by the plant, but funds would also be put towardprojects county wide.

"Basically for more upgrades for the county," Norris said. "Throughout the years we've been held to very tight standards, and stuff like this is going to alleviate some of those standards and let us make improvements throughout the whole county."

Norris added that in addition to the jobs that the facility will create he anticipated even more job opportunities for county workers because of the construction projects.

Commissioners approve lease agreement

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