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Hancock County seeks public input on potential smoking ban

Updated: Tuesday, April 1 2014, 06:06 PM EDT

HANCOCK COUNTY, W.Va. -- Talk of a smoking ban continues to gain attention in Hancock County.
A meeting was held Tuesday to seek public input. Several local counties have already adopted their own bans and Hancock County may soon join that list.
However, not everyone is okay with that possibility. At the meeting, quite a few people spoke up against the ban, saying it could hurt their businesses. Even a representative from Mountaineer Casino, Racetrack and Resort is asking for an exception, saying the track and casino is already seeing a decline in numbers because of nearby competition.
Those for the ban include health organizations and even some smokers.

"If I choose to smoke in my personal property, such as my house or my car, that's my business. But I have respect for other people and not everybody likes smoke," said Mary Ball, a smoker for the ban.

"That's our right to smoke,” said Mike Nixon, who is against the ban. “And it's your right, non-smokers, to not go into a facility that is smoking. We haven't taken no right away from them. They aren't taking no right away from us."

As of now, the ban is still being drafted and nothing has been approved.

The point of Tuesday’s meeting was to help the Hancock County Board of Health see what it should or shouldn't include in terms of exceptions to the ban.
Once a draft is accepted, it will be open again for public comment. Several meetings will likely be held around the county before it's put up for a vote.
Right now, there is no timeline on when that could be.

Hancock County seeks public input on potential smoking ban

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