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Drug Task Force hits same house for third time in five years

Updated: Monday, March 10 2014, 06:24 PM EDT

BELMONT COUNTY, OHIO. -- An arrest was made during a drug bust in Bellaire early Monday morning.
Alyssa McGhee was arrested at 428 36th St.and is being charged with drug trafficking and multiple possession charges.
A second person still has a warrant out for his arrest at this time.
This is the third time in the past five years that a search warrant has been served to this particular house for drug trafficking.
“Just the fact that it was the third time was aggravating to us,” Belmont County Police Chief John McFarland said.
The main concern is the house is fairly close to several schools.
“The particular house is located probably well within 500 feet of three schools, so this house has definitely been a big problem for us. We’re glad to be able to serve the warrant today and take the female into custody,” McFarland said.
The drug task force seized $2,300 in cash, multiple prescription pills and other illegal drugs.
When they arrived, McGhee’s child was there with her.    
“The 7-month-old child was turned over to the Department of Children Services and the mother was transported to the Belmont County jail.”
McFarland said drug trafficking along with drug addiction has become more of a problem now than ever.
“There has been a giant spike in heroin cases that we’ve had, the heroin cases are coming from the prescription pill addiction that’s affected the entire Ohio Valley.”

McFarland said this was a lengthy investigation and police are glad they were able to obtain this search warrant. They have filed for forfeiture of the home so there will not be a potentioal fourth bust.

Drug Task Force hits same house for third time in five years

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