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Wheeling robber sentenced 15-54 years

Updated: Thursday, November 14 2013, 04:37 PM EST

Ohio County, W.Va. --

Judge James Mazzone sentenced Michael Kandis 15 to 54 years in prison Thursday for robbing three Wheeling businesses in 2012.

Kandis pleaded guilty in September to three counts of second-degree robbery.

In court, Kandis said he is addicted to heroin and needs help.

"I'm truly sorry for any psychological damage I may have caused them and their families. My intentions were never to hurt anyone," said Kandis.

Ohio County assistant prosecutor Shawn Turak spoke on behalf of the employee at Little  Caesars in Woodsdale during last year's robbery.

"Mr. Kandis' action toward me cost me my job, and I was out of work for about a month when I had to take a job making less money. He has destroyed a business, cost other people their livelihood and made me feel unsafe about the community I put my entire trust in," said Turak on behalf of the employee.

Elm Grove carryout victim Darbie Keane spoke about her terrifying experience.

"Mr. Kandis says it was never his intention to hurt anyone. He came into that store and told me more than one time he was going to kill me -- twice, as a matter of fact. It was never his intention to hurt anyone? I'm not comfortable at nighttime. People in blue hoodies send me into panic attacks," said Keane.

The judge told those in the courtroom its likely Kandis could repeat these crimes, citing a pre-sentence investigation, therefore denying his request for a five to 18 year sentence.

"These were three different crimes in three separate days, days between them, not hours. Each one was thought out. Each crime affected three different sets of victims," said Mazzone.

Kandis's father did speak today, saying Kandis needs help dealing with his heroin addiction, and at one point, he blamed the prosecutor's office, but the context of that argument wasn't clear.

Wheeling robber sentenced 15-54 years

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