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Patrol dogs helping curb drug smuggling in Ohio

Updated: Monday, November 11 2013, 01:49 PM EST

By: The Associated Press

The Ohio State Highway Patrol's use of dogs to sniff out drugs is helping increase drug seizures in the state as the patrol works to deter smugglers from moving shipments through the state.

Drug seizures on Ohio highways have increased dramatically from 2012. The patrol says its specially trained dogs are a big part of the reason for that. The number of dogs alerting patrol handlers to drugs has doubled compared to 10 years ago with 32 now on duty.

The Columbus Dispatch reports the federal Drug Enforcement Administration has said smugglers are starting to deliberately move drug shipments around rather than through Ohio because of the dogs.

Patrol Superintendent Paul Pride says authorities want to make Ohio unattractive to the drug business that smugglers bring to the state.

Patrol dogs helping curb drug smuggling in Ohio

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