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East Liverpool receives generous donation to help with city repairs

Updated: Thursday, October 3 2013, 10:19 PM EDT

By Jon Rudder

EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio - A generous donation was given to the city of East Liverpool to help brighten things up around town and complete a project that started last year.

The Fraternal Order of Police in East Liverpool pledged money to make repairs.

Last year, Mayor
Jim Swogger himself donated $500 of his own money to the city, and raised another $500 that paid for about half of the streetlights on Fifth and Sixth streets to be repaired.

Another $1,000 coming from the FOP should allow city officials to finish the rest of the lights.

"It just seemed like the city was down, people didn't want to donate, times were tough. Also,
everybody needs every dime that they do have," East Liverpool councilman Ryan Stovall said. "It's still like that but when people see that city is going in the right direction, they're more likely to help."

The current light posts are more than a decade old, and with limited money available to fix the lighting, the
city looked to donations for the money. Atfirst it was difficult to secure donations, but council members said that task is nowgetting easier.

"It's actually getting a little easier, people are seeing that what we are doing is starting to turn the city around," Stovall said. "Bringing in Better Cities was one of the best things that council has done and recognizing that we, by ourselves,
could not attract businesses."

Residents were happy to see that the lights were in the process of being repaired and turned back on. Timers and failing electrical work had downtown left in the dark.

"There's a lot of lighting issues with cars and traffic accidents and stuff," Art Albert said. "Plus for the schoolkids on the school buses, they go early in the morning and it's not daylight yet, so it does help out the community a lot."

The FOP's reasoning behind the donation was a simple one-- safety.

"It's really dark down here without the lights at night," Police Chief John Lane said. "We figured we'd make this donation to help the city get this stuff done and get going in the right direction."

East Liverpool receives generous donation to help with city repairs

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