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Local school district promotes levy

Updated: Saturday, March 22 2014, 08:42 PM EDT

Jefferson County, OH -

Edison School Local School District gathered for a levy kickoff bash Saturday afternoon at Edison High School, in hopes of spreading the word about a 5.9-mill levy that would improve children’s education.

The district has tried numerous times to pass the levy. In fact, the same levy failed by just 24 votes in November.

“We have a great group of volunteers here and I think every single one of us can think of 24 people that would have voted yes that didn’t get out, so we’re focusing on voter turnout and the absentee vote and things like that, “ chairman of the levy committee Aaron Richardson said.

If the levy passes, it will make the district financially stable for the next five years, raising $1.9 million a year. The levy would also allow the district to bring back busing for Edison High School.

“The biggest thing, we haven’t had high school busing. If it passes in May as of August when school comes back, we will have high school busing return,” Richardson said. Also, “It will help us protect and preserve what we have.”

Parents said the levy is important because it will help kids feel secure in their schools.

“Well Edison has always been a difficult district to get a levy passed in. We have great teachers, great kids, great families and great schools and you know, education should be a priority. The kids are our future and I think that anything that we can do to support our schools and to support our district and to support the kids, it’s really important to do,” parent Michelle Linscott said.

Parents also said right now it’s all about getting people to vote to provide the quality of education their children deserve.

“To me, it’s just to maintain what we have, to maintain those schools, to make sure that we don’t have to make any more cuts because we’re to the point now where I feel that if there are more cuts that are going to be made, the education is going to start suffering,” Linscott said.

District residents can go out and vote for the levy on May 6.

Local school district promotes levy

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