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Money scam targets Brooke County residents

Updated: Thursday, December 5 2013, 06:17 PM EST

By Jon Rudder

BROOKE COUNTY, W.Va - The Brooke County Sheriff's Office is warning residents of a scam that it says has already caught several off-guard.

Sheriff Chuck Jackson says that each year during the holidays, these types of scams typically increase, and this year is no different.

Jackson is cautioning residents against a money scam where residents are sent a check, or receive a phone call, for winning a prize. They are then asked to send money to an address in order to claim their reward.

"The check is allegedly to cover your expenses, primarily to get the rest of the money to you from having won the Irish lottery or whatever that particular scam happens to be," Jackson said.

But the ticket or check -- which may appear real -- will eventually bounce, sometimes unknown to the person depositing it. Jackson says such an in-depth scam gives the projected target a false sense of security.

"They'll follow through with the next phase of the scam, which is where they ask you to send them money," Jackson said. "Or they will primarily ask you to go to a store, Walmart, Kroger, and Western Union them money or buy prepaid credit cards or phone cards."

While cautioning residents to keep their personal information secure, he offered a bit of advice to anyone who may encounter one of these potential scams.

"Anytime anyone asks you for money, saying, 'You've won money, but we need money off of you,' it's a scam. Without question, it's a scam," Jackson said.

Jackson added that that if you receive a call that you feel is suspicious, and you want a second opinion, to contact the sheriff's department or your local law enforcement office, and they will help you to figure out if its legitimate.

Money scam targets Brooke County residents

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