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Special Assignment: The Comeback Kid

Updated: Sunday, November 17 2013, 04:56 PM EST


Shadow Montag was taking his horse Midnight for a ride on March 21, 2012,when suddenly his life changed forever.

"I took him out on the trail one day and everything was fine,and all the sudden he started bucking, and when he bucked, I came off and landed on a concrete patio and shattered by collarbone in three places," said Montag.

What Montagdidn't know was that his prognosis was worse. Doctors gave him just a 10 percent chance of surviving.

"They found that I tore my frontal lobe and occipital lobeof my brain, so I lost my memory completely," said Montag.

Montagcouldn't remember anything at first, and forgot his utmost passion:trick riding.

"I didn't know who my family was, who my horses were, what trick riding was. I had to start all over. Thedoctors said to my mom and family if I survive, he will be a vegetable. Right there my mom started to cry. Who wants to push a kid around in a wheelchair all their life? But I looked at her in the ICU and said I am determined. And I felt thankful for my mom,because she didn't handicap me, and she said you go back out there and get on that horse."

Determined to get back to a rodeo, Montagand his sister Dallas practiced their hearts out.

In fact, it was during his "comeback tour" that a rodeo announcer nicknamed him the "comeback kid."

In just a few months, Montag had to learn to walk, talk, eatand speak, and hespent hourswatching trick riding tapes.

"I had to relearn to speak again,so I will pause a lot when I'mtalking to someone. I don'tremember high school. They say I played basketball and was a tank on the floor, but I don'tremember those days."

It took a traumatic experience for a young person to seek determination.

Montag overcame his weakness and is riding again.

He has a passion for horses,and his accident opened his eyes.

Montag plans to start a tour soon to help the Wounded Warriors project.

To contribute or help, he can be reached at

Special Assignment: The Comeback Kid

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