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Belmont County

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Neglected pony rehabbing in care of Belmont County animal officials

Updated: Thursday, April 17 2014, 01:34 PM EDT

BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio – A pony rescued from an area of St. Clairsville late last week is recovering under the care of Belmont County animal officials.
Belmont County Humane Officer Mandae Lewis said the pony had one of the worst rainrot cases she's ever seen.
Rainrot is described as what happens to horses that are exposed to wet weather and muddy conditions. The pony, renamed CJ, is also underweight. Authorities said she was signed over to the shelter last Friday after a complaint on her condition was called in.
It's believed CJ will require significant rehabilitation to look like a “normal” pony once again.
“The vet did see her,” Lewis said. “She is under a re-feeding program. This is neglectful. She was not properly cared for and given the nutrition that she needed."
Charges are pending with the prosecutor's office against the pony's owner.
Lewis said the goal is for CJ to eventually be put up for adoption.    

Neglected pony rehabbing in care of Belmont County animal officials

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