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Golf courses recover from harsh winter

Updated: Tuesday, April 15 2014, 08:07 AM EDT


While some area golf courses are struggling to recover from the intense winter season we've had this year, at Belmont Hills Country Club, everything seems to be right on par.

Avid golfers kept their eyes on the Masters at Augusta National this past weekend, and local golfers spent both Saturday and Sunday out enjoying the beautiful temperatures.

"I was playing in Cincinnati this weekend,” said golfer Turner Provost.

Provost said his first day out playing this season was ten days ago.

"Overall we prepare pretty well for the winter. We came out of this year pretty good and I don’t think much different than the past few years, said Belmont Hills Country Club Golf Course Superintendent, Nicholas Bauman.

Bauman said they make sure they keep up with maintaining the course even during the winter months.

The typical areas that they have problems with on courses are on higher elevated areas and lower areas.

"Lower areas can get crown hydration which as the weather gets warmer we experience the snow melts,” said Bauman.

Bauman explains that it then begins to puddle on the greens in those lower areas, but he knows the courses trouble spots and which yardage puts players in the best position to make that birdie.

The crews at the club take care of the course all year round, but start to mow it about the second week of March.

"So this winter we actually didn’t mow until about the third or fourth week in March. That was our first mowing and it was definitely a longer winter,” said Bauman.

Now it's all up to the golfers to follow through with a season of long drives and short putts, minus tomorrow as we may see some snow.

Golf courses recover from harsh winter

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