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Bellaire Schools Seek Levy For 7th Time

Updated: Monday, November 4 2013, 04:45 PM EST

By: Celina Pompeani


It’s just a day away from elections and the Bellaire School District is working hard to get community support to help pass their $5.9 million emergency levy that is a five-year limited levy, which means that it has to be renewed every five years.

The superintendent of Bellaire Schools, Tony Scott, said this is their seventh attempt as a district to be on the ballot, and it's their last hope. He is worried that if it doesn't pass, they won't have room to cut anything else from their budget.

He said when he stated this position in 2009, they were overstaffed and spending more money than they were bringing in, which led to put them in the financial problems that they have been fighting over the years.

"We tried two times as an income tax and getting feedback from the community, we felt that the property tax was fair for everyone and so we're out hoping we can gain the support from the community," said Scott.

The levy is for general operations,which means the day-to-day things that cost the district funds to operate.

He said as they look into their future forecast, if they don't receive these additional funds, the cost of doing business would still continue to rise.

"It really worries me as a superintendent because as made all of the cuts that we can make so what we're hoping is that we can move forward as a school district," said Scott.

He said he is confident that they will be in a much better place if they do get the community's vote on this levy.

It's been 37 years since a school levy has been passed.

"We've been working very hard not necessarily not always on the levy campaigns but more on doing the day-to-day business so that people can recognize and gain trust in what we're trying to get accomplished," said Scott.

He said he wants to put some programs back into place, like getting their art, music, and physical education back into grades 1-8.

They also want to improve and continue a technology plan and place their buses.

He said based on the auditor’s figures,if you take an average family household, they're going to be paying $12-$13 more per month for this property tax.

"I always have the slogan, ‘Provide the maximum services with the resources provided,’ and we will continue to do that," said Scott.

Bellaire Schools Seek Levy For 7th Time

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