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Barnesville grad returns home to tell Olympic story

Updated: Friday, April 25 2014, 01:10 PM EDT
BARNESVILLE, Ohio -- From just a small town girl in Barnesville, Ohio to the Olympic Games.
One former Shamrock took her talents in sports psychology all the way to Sochi, Russia to the winter games.
She returned home Friday to share her story of success with kids who were once just like her: Dreamers.
If you've ever taken part in a sport, you'll know that having the right kind of mental focus can mean the difference between first and second place -- a win, or a loss.
Dr. Nicole Detling, a 1993 BHS grad and a sports psychologists who helps athletes find that mental edge,  stood before Barnesville Schools students Friday alongside short track speed skater Jessica Smith, whom Detling coaches.
Smith began her career as an inline speed skater, earning 16 world championship titles.
The two achievers joined forces Friday for the kids.
“I'm a first time Olympian,” Smith said, “so for me, I was excited to be there and represent our country.”
“It was so cool to bring that to Sochi with me and what's really amazing, too, is to be able to bring that experience back and share it with the kids here at the schools and my hometown,” Detling said. “I wanted to represent you guys there and to be proud and make my dreams come true.
“You can be who you want to be, and it's going to be tough along the way. Jessica's had some stories and some toughness along the way that she's had to get through. If you just keep going, and you persevere through that adversity, then you’re going to get where you want to go."
Detling has come full circle, from being just a kid in Barnesville who only dreamed about going to the Olympic Games to her adult, professional life, where she achieved just that.

Barnesville grad returns home to tell Olympic story

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