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Animal Shelter prepares for holiday season

Updated: Monday, November 11 2013, 05:06 PM EST


The Belmont County Animal Shelter is getting ready for the holiday season by organizing several fundraisers in the next few weeks to help raise money for the winter months.

But that's not all that's going on there. The shelter recently added a brand-new surgery room for the animals, making it easier for them by not havingto travel to an animal hospital.

The new operating room cost about $10,000 for all of the equipment.

Candace Fleagane, a fund-raiser for the animal shelter, said the first surgery was back in July.

Every week, a veterinarian comes to the Belmont County Animal Shelter to spay and neuter pets before they can be adopted bytheir forever homes.

"And if another animal needs a checkup when she's here,she can do that also," said Fleagane.

Fleagane said the winter months are when the shelter struggles the most.

"Our funding is very low," said Fleagane.

"It's bad because people need the money to pay bills--they have higher heating bills, they have Christmas presents, they have doctor bills, and animals are just low on the totem poles, and they don't have the money to feed them or adopt them, so we are hoping for a better circumstance," said Fleagane.

She said this holiday season, shelter workers are hauling around different Christmas decorations in their van and traveling to different craft shows every weekend.

This weekend, she said, they will be at the St. Clairsville Eagles.

"And it just goes on every weekend. We have 200 animals, and we're trying to raise money to get them through the winter," said Fleagane.

She said all of the decorations will be sold, and the money will go directly to the animal shelter.

Fleagane said the only money the shelter gets is from the sale of dog licenses and through its fundraisers throughout the year.

"It's very important—we’re not going to have any money for food or vet bills," Fleagane said.

She said the money raised goes towards spaying and neutering, food, and vet care-- and if you adopt an animal, it will make room for another one in the shelter.

Animal Shelter prepares for holiday season

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