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2 Bridgeport councilmen win re-election

Updated: Tuesday, November 5 2013, 11:23 PM EST

By: NEWS9 and Crissy Clutter

Two Bridgeport village councilmen who have been accused of wrongdoing were re-elected on Tuesday.

Votes showed that residents are confident in David Smith and Benjamin Lenz and elected them to retain their seats on council.

For the two remaining seats, David Coyne was elected as was Marvin Husarik, who was running alongside Smith and Lenz.

Smith and Lenz have been accused of double-dipping by serving the village and also hiring themselves and being paid by the Fire Department. An investigation has come up with nothing so far.

Coyne, who has served on council before, said the Village Council has seen its fair share of problems, heated arguments and lawsuits.

Mayor John Callarick said he was hoping for a change.

"The past four years we wasn't doing too good. We was going backwards," Callarik said. He had hoped his granddaughter, Micki Clegg, would be elected to council, but also said he'd make the best of whatever the results were Tuesday.

"I am hoping they change their ways and we all work together for the good of the village… and we have to see what the ethic committee does who know what might happen," Callarik said.

Currently, Lenz and Smith are unable to attend meetings while an ethics commission is investigating. There is no word on if that will change because of Tuesday's election results.

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2 Bridgeport councilmen win re-election

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