Callers’ tips lead to arrest after Marathon gas station robbery

Richard Dillon Heimbach is in custody, facing charges for Wednesday morning's robbery of a gas station in Elm Grove.

Tips from various callers are what led to a warrant for Richard Dillon Heimbach for robbery, but a domestic violence call to 911 is what got him arrested.

Early Wednesday morning, a man walked into the Marathon gas station and convenience store in Elm Grove, pointed a gun at the cashier, and went behind the register and took cash. It all happened while patrons shopped and walked in and out of the store.

While no one noticed then, our viewers did take note, and reported the robber as the 24-year-old Heimbach, of Wheeling.

“We started to get tips into the department from what was put on social media, TV, print, and we developed that and started to investigate,” Wheeling Police Department Public Information Officer Philip Stahl said. “And then around 9:30 last night, we got a domestic violence call on Stone Church Road, and the person was swinging an object and was very loud, putting the caller and others in danger.”

When several officers arrived on scene, they found out the person causing a disturbance was the same person they were now looking for, for robbery.

Stahl says Heimbach had taken off, but allegedly left behind two key parts linking him to the armed robbery case.

"They did discover a firearm and a jacket in the yard, and the items matched the description of the items we were looking for in the video we put out,” Stahl said.

Stahl says Heimbach went back to the residence and was arrested for domestic violence, third offense and first degree robbery.

He says they are still looking for the person in the Sept. 21 robbery at Cafe Up on the Lane in Woodsdale.

"The other one is still under investigation and we are still following up on it, but we can determine the two are unrelated,” Stahl said.

Heimbach is in the Northern Regional Jail on $100,000 bond.

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