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11.01.13 - Video Highlights - New Philadelphia vs Dover

Updated: Saturday, November 2 2013, 01:55 AM EDT
11.01.13 - Video Highlights - New Philadelphia vs Dover11.01.13 - Video Highlights - New Philadelphia vs Dover

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Coach's Corner


Head Coach: Dan Ifft

College Attended: Kent State
Coaching History: 35 years of coaching, 20 years as Head Coach
Record as Head Coach: 170-49
Current School Record As Head Coach: 170-49

If I wasn't a coach, I would be ______: miserable.

Positive comment about another OV football coach/program: "Many exceptional programs. They are all hard-working. High level of competition. Jesse Wells is changing the culture at Meadowbrook."

Quote about your team's upcoming season: "We hope to be standing when the smoke clears."

Stadium Information
Stadium Name: Crater Stadium
Stadium Seating Capacity: 7,000
Type of Turf: Field Turf
School/Team Information
High School: Dover
School Address: 520 N. Walnut
School Phone: 330-364-7147
Contact for Boosters: Matt Stephens
Contact for Tickets: Kevin Keffer
Athletic Director/Contact Info: Kevin Keffer (330) 364-7143

Mascot: Tornadoes
School Colors: Crimson-Gray
All-time Football Record: 662-344-44
Playoff appearance/record: 17 times, 32 games, 15-17 record
State Division/Class: D3
School's Biggest Rivalry: New Philadelphia
Last Year Team In Playoffs: 2013
Last Year's Football Record: 7-4
Best Known Alumni: Frank Ellwood, Doc Keller, Monty Hunter

Type Of Offense: Spread
Type Of Defense: 3-3-5 Stack
Conference/Class: ECOL-D3
Last Conference Title: 2013
Player Information
How Many Returning Offensive Players: 7
How Many Returning Defensive Players: 7
How Many Returning Letterman: 16

Key returning players: Cory Contini, Alex Bowman, Jordan Doughty, Caleb Septer, Jake Armstrong, Kyle Abel, Austin Laughlin, Javen Carter, Brandon Myers, Merrick Mamarella, Jaylin Woods

Key Players that Graduated: Mick Fishel, Brady Foust, John D'Egidio, Jake Bambeck, Jordan Mills, Shay Smith, Luke Filippi, Josh Cercone.

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