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Head Coach: Dan Ifft

College Attended: Kent State
Coaching History: 36 years of coaching, 21 years as Head Coach; Austintown Fitch, Massillon Perry, Kent State.
Record as Head Coach: 178-52
Current School Record As Head Coach: 178-52Greatest Moment as head coach: Too many to mentionIf I wasn't a coach, I would be ______: It's all I know.Coach's hobby: FitnessFamily info: Jill (wife), Amber, Daniel, Christian.
Positive comment about another OV football coach/program: "All of them produce tough kids. They are all very physical, tough programs."
Quote about your team's upcoming season: "Tough, demanding schedule will require a tough-minded group of young men. Can't wait to see how we take on this great opportunity."

Stadium Information
Stadium Name: Crater Stadium
Stadium Seating Capacity: 7,000
Type of Turf: Field Turf
School/Team Information
High School: Dover
School Address: 520 N. Walnut
School Phone: 330-364-7147
Contact for Boosters: Matt Stephens
Contact for Tickets: Tim McCrate
Athletic Director/Contact Info: Tim McCrate (330) 364-7143

Mascot: Tornadoes
School Colors: Crimson-Gray
All-time Football Record: 670-347-44
Playoff appearance/record: 17 times, 32 games, 15-17 record
State Division/Class: D3
School's Biggest Rivalry: New Philadelphia
Last Year Team In Playoffs: 2014
Last Year's Football Record: 8-3
Best Known Alumni: Frank Ellwood, Doc Keller, Monty Hunter

Type Of Offense: Spread
Type Of Defense: 3-3-5 Stack
Conference/Class: ECOL-D3
Last Conference Title: 2014
Player Information
How Many Returning Offensive Players: 5 
How Many Returning Defensive Players: 
How Many Returning Letterman: 17

Key returning players: Austin Evans, Dru Nolan, Deaandre Clark, Zach Yackey, Ben Hammonds, Sekou Imani, Jason Conant, Jaylin Woods, Jared Torch, Taylor Hidey, Braeden Uebel, Drew Moore, Lucas Sherwood, Peyton Coyne, Joe House, Gage Abel, Parker Zumbar. 

Key Players that Graduated: Cory Contini, Alex Bowman, Jordan Doughty, Caleb Septer, Jake Armstrong, Kyle Abel, Austin Laughlin, Javen Carter, Brandon Myers, Merrick Mamarella, Evan Snyder, Anthony D'Egidio, Tyler Patton, Anthony Miceli

Assistant CoachesTim Smith, Co-DC, DBs; Jeff Margletta, Co-DC, ILBs; Ted Jones, OC-WRs; Jimm Morris, QBs, Co-Special Teams Coordinator; Jon McIlvaine, DL, Co-Special Teams Coordinator; Ed Henry, DL; Matt Rees, OL-OLB

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