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Bellaire Coach Jose Davis On 2013 Season

Updated: Friday, August 9 2013, 09:47 PM EDT
Bellaire Coach Jose Davis On 2013 Season

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Coach's Corner

Head Coach: Jose Davis

College Attended: Kent State
History of Coaching: Bellaire Head Coach 2009-present
Record as Head Coach: 20-21
Current School Record as Head Coach: 20-21
Overall Coaching Record: 20-21
Greatest Moment As Head Coach: Being named coach at my alma mater.

Family Info: Wife-Amy; Children: Javon and Aiden
Hobby: Spending time with family and Sports
Coaching Inspiration: Coach A and Coach Magistro
If I wasn't a coach, I would be: just helping/ interacting with the kids.

A positive quote about another OV football program/coach: "I respect every coach for the time they invest."

Quote about your team's upcoming season: "Looking forward to another competitive season."
Stadium Information
Stadium Name: Nelson Field
Type of Turf: Grass
Field Name: Nelson Field
Stadium Phone: 740-676-1933
School/Team Information
High School: Bellaire
School Phone: 740-676-3652
Contact for Tickets: Molly Feller
Athletic Director: Molly Feller
Greatest Moment In Team History: First ever playoff season
State Division/Class: Division VI
Last Conference Title: 2006
School's Biggest Rivalry: Martins Ferry
Mascot: Indians
School Colors: Red, Black
# Of State Championships: 0
Last Year Team In Playoffs: 2012
Last Year's Football Record: 8-3

Type Of Offense: Spread
Type Of Defense: 4-4

Player Information

How many returning offensive players: 9
How many returning defensive players: 9
Key players that graduated: Every senior

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