OVIs up during this year’s Jamboree

Lt. says more than half of the arrests were people not from the local area. (WTOV)

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is attributing this year's high Jamboree OVI statistics to two things: more troopers on the roads and an excess of concert-goers being careless.

"This year for Jamboree our OVI arrests were up 35 percent as compared to last year,” said Lt. James Faunda, OSHP.

Lt. Faunda says troopers stopped more than 300 vehicles over the four-day period. They issued 187 warnings and another 146 traffic citations. Of those citations, 30 were for operating a vehicle under the influence.

Faunda also described a weapon arrest.

"One of our stops involved an intoxicated driver who was carrying a concealed weapon at the time of the stop, which, whether you have a permit or not, it is a felony offense, and he was subsequently incarcerated at the Belmont County jail," he said.

The patrol also seized cocaine from an attendee, and Faunda says additional charges were issued for marijuana, child endangerment and possession of pills during the event.

"We want to keep the residents of Belmont County safe as well as those people traveling to and from the Jamboree. We bring a large presence to be visible, hoping to deter people from driving impaired behind the wheel, but that doesn't always happen. As you can see from this year, our numbers were really high,” Faunda said.

Lt. Faunda says more than half of the people arrested for OVI were not from the local area.

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