Jamboree clean-up effort underway

A mix of trash and valuables were left behind. (WTOV)

It's just another Monday in Belmont County, but with a little more trash than usual. It’s time for the annual Jamboree clean-up.

Boots are a necessity for walking around the muddy, trash-filled campground now that the fun is over.

"People leave couches and other stuff but at the end of the day it all gets cleaned up. Most of the people out here are good about helping us out. It’s just a group effort,” said Bryson Ashford, a Tennessee resident.

"To go see the venues is fun but to clean up all this trash afterwards; I wish people would clean up after themselves,” said Matt Jozwiak, of Flushing.

"The more people they bring out here the quicker we get it done," said another.

Not all of what's left behind is worthless. There are some lost possessions that campers may want back. Those cleaning up have found money and plenty of valuables.

And everyone that we spoke with agrees some findings are better left unsaid.

“Ah, you don’t want to know,” Jozwiak commented. “I don’t really want to say on camera.”

If you were out at Jamboree in the Hills and lost your valuables, don’t panic just yet. They are turned in to a collection box on site.

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