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Jamboree features people from all walks of life

MORRISTOWN, Ohio -- Jamboree in the Hills is, of course, about music, tailgating, and camping.
And it's also about the people and their stories.
NEWS9's Kate Davison was on site Wednesday afternoon, where she met with a spectrum of folks that included first-time Jamboree goers to those fans who haven't missed a single third week in July since 1977.
She even met a couple of Australians who flew half way around the globe to attend Jamboree in the Hills last year. Jode Watts says she and some friends hitched a flight, or several, along with one long car ride to get to Jamboree in the Hills.
"We just got in a car and went like gypsies," she said.
They did it just to see Miranda Lambert. They didn't know a single soul in the states.
"We just fell in love with the hillbillies," Watts said. "We love it."
This year, after what Jode says feels like a month's worth of traveling time, the Aussies are back.
"From Australia to Los Angeles, from Miami, and then we drove a car from Miami to here," Watts said. "Is it worth it all those hours? Hell yeah, this is fun, where else can you drink all day? This is great?"
Watts and friends have been paling around with a guy they met last year who hasn't missed a single Jamboree in the Hills since the whole thing started in 1977.
Meanwhile, New Philadelphia's Anthony Frame is on the other end of the spectrum.
"This is my first Jambo," Frame said. "I'm a police officer from Midvale and Wooster, so I'm here to work Jambo. So it's going to get wild, I know that."

Jamboree features people from all walks of life

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