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Businesses prepared for Jamboree in the Hills



Belmont County is about to become the center of the country music world for thousands of people, and a lot of campers are already set up for Jamboree in the Hills.

Jamboree fans coming into Belmont County help the local economy, and businesses are certainly prepared.

If you walk through stores like Riesbeck’s or Walmart in Belmont County this week, you will find merchandise -- including chips, soda, beer, water and ice -- for all those who are stocking up for Jamboree.

“Jambo is like Christmas in July,” Walmart store manager Dean Holtsclaw said.

“We’re just really excited with Jamboree time. It’s just a real festive time of year,” Riesbeck’s store director Scott Briggs said.

Rieskbeck’s and Walmart prepared by bringing in extra merchandise and putting everything you need for Jamboree at the front of the stores.

“We sell anything that goes with camping or picnicking. Ice is huge, ice is a big seller,” Briggs said.

“We just bring in all the things you need to camp and have a good time out there,” Holtsclaw said.

Both stores are not the only ones that will catch a windfall from the Ohio Valley’s biggest party.

“Jamboree definitely helps the local economy, the motels, the restaurants, certainly the retail stores,” Holtsclaw said.

Businesses prepared for Jamboree in the Hills

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